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Control video in Flash

Video and Flash were made for each other. With a little bit of coding know-how, it's possible to sequence a set of video clips to create a dramatic website interface that will impress peers and clients alike.

In this project we use four time-lapse videos - each triggering the next to play - to create a Flash website that works in a similar way to a DVD menu. We have a video opener movie with the obligatory 'skip' button, followed by a movie that loops until the user clicks a button. That causes another movie to play, activating an event at the end - in this case, a browser window is opened.

We use simple code that switches the visibility of layers, and monitors how far along each video has played. This code is provided in the support files, and can easily be tweaked for your own interactive projects without the need to compile it from scratch. You'll also find some tips for making and encoding your own video clips if you choose to do so.

Click here to download the support files (185MB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free