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Create a 3D business card

Functional business cards are easy to make. All you need to do is produce a card with a pleasing design and information presented clearly. However, if you want to be a topic of conversation around client offices after you've left, it's a good idea to leave behind something fun and unique that sparks a bit of conversation. In this tutorial we explain everything you need to know to create a stunning 3D business card that will impress clients.

When producing a print project like this that requires custom die-cuts and tricky folds, it's essential to establish clear lines of communication with your printer and pre-press specialists before you start the project. Each business will have a different way of operating and you need to know exactly how they want your InDesign file to be set up and eventually supplied before you get stuck in.

As you work through the tutorial, you'll notice that we put all of the die-cut and fold information on a separate layer within InDesign. Following this technique allows you to print a mock-up with all the details on it, but when you send your file to the printer they will have the flexibility to separate these technical details from the artwork if required.

Let's begin by illustrating in Photoshop, then creating cut lines and design elements in Illustrator, and finally bringing it all together in InDesign.

Click here to download the support files ( 4MB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free