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Create a band website in Flash

Websites for bands should be big, bold, colourful and a direct extension of the group's style and verve. Five Minute Pop Promo is an up-and-coming band with a lot of record label and fan interest. The band members are aware of how important the social networking sites are to them and they already have dedicated areas on Facebook and MySpace.

However, these musicians understand the importance of having a dedicated web presence which is unique to them and designed in a style that's reflective of the band. So they've asked for a micro website to be created, a site which is graphically rich and contains tidbits of content and acts as a showcase for their latest single or video. This site also needs to encourage fans to join the band's social networking groups and clubs.

With these requirements in mind, a site originally created in Photoshop was hooked up for interactivity in Flash. Over the following pages we'll show you how this was done. From Photoshop to Flash via the Flash Media Encoder and export in HTML, we'll explain how to optimise Photoshop layers in Flash, create buttons with simple ActionScript functions and import and deploy Flash video.

Click here to download the support files (88MB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free