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Customisable Christmas advent calendar

You're never too old for an advent calendar. But London-based interactive studio Specialmoves has come up with an innovative take on the Christmas favourite.

24 Days of Happiness enables you to create and share your own personalised advent calendar by dragging and dropping photos from Facebook or your hard drive onto its 24 interactive placeholders. The lazily festive among you can autofill the calendar to save time. When your calendar is complete, a custom screensaver is created, and, once installed, even works offline.

The latest project from Speciamoves – built using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Flash, MongoDB and .NET MVC – was created with the intention of bringing people together, while also raising money for a good cause.

Specialmoves' 24 Days of Happiness digital advent calendar

Specialmoves' 24 Days of Happiness digital advent calendar

Friendship works

“Our work is all about making people happy or more productive and this definitely ticks the first box," says Pascal Auberson, Specialmoves' technical director. "It’s the ideal way to put a smile on the face of your friends and relatives in the run up to Christmas, particularly the ones who live far away and you don’t get to see that often.”

Though the 24 Days of Happiness calendar is completely free to use, users are encouraged to make a £2 voluntary donation to child mentoring charity Friendship Works.

Specialmoves are hoping to raise at least £5,000 for the charity, which offers mentoring support to help children and young people who are having problems in their home and social environments. To find out more, watch the video below...