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Flash MX 2004 Professional

Flash MX 2004 Pro has a new feature that will have traditional developers salivating, and it's called Formsbased Development (also known as Screens-based Development). This new offering will also prove valuable to those of you who have never set foot into the wild world of traditional development.

So what is it? Simply put, it will enable you to structure complex applications in Flash without using multiple frames or layers on the main timeline. Instead of basing your applications on traditional timelines, you'll be able to visually lay out your application as a series of screens. But don't worry - you'll still have the choice to use the timeline or a mix of forms and timelines if you want to.

If you're already comfortable with using the timeline in Flash, why learn another method? Well, this is more intuitive, it will help you clear away unnecessary code, and enable you to jump between frames more easily. Many traditional designers are finding themselves drawn into Web development, and the new features in Flash MX Pro will make this switch easier than ever.

In this tutorial, we show you how to create a simple Website that displays two different T-shirts for customers to browse. Please note that we use the term 'Screen' interchangeably with 'Form'.

Click here to download the tutorial for free