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Image of the day: Glyph It Up by Matt W. Moore

Computer Arts: Tell us about the kind of work you do ...
Matt W. Moore:
I work across various disciplines and processes in graphic design, illustration and fine art. Much of my work explores optical illusion, geometry and bold, colorful graphic art treatments. Research and exploration are at the core of all of my efforts. I'm constantly striving to create something unexpected and new. Cross pollinating between disciplines allows me to blend discoveries made in one realm into another. For example, a technique I use in a mural may translate well into a logo. Or forms from a type treatment could flip nicely into a purely abstract composition.

CA: How do you go about putting a project together?
I do my brainstorming in my head and plan the overall theme of a piece – the flow, the colors and the vibe. But I don’t do too much planning for the details. I allow the work-in-progress to tell me what to do next. Working this way is more of a freestyle than a recipe. And this allows me to always arrive at a new place since there is no “what would Matt do?” going on in my creative process. It’s like big-kid Tetris. With my typography work the challenge is always to stay right on the edge of appropriate legibility. Some type treatments need to be a message first and art second. Others can be full-on, camouflage, wildstyle letterformations.

CA: How did you get into art and design?
I’m really lucky to have always known graphic art was my path. In school, I was always doodling in the back row of class. I got into graffiti and that was the gateway into custom typography. Then I went to school for graphic design and began to mix all of my interests together. I'm inspired by so much it is impossible to summarise. Lately, I've really enjoyed researching abstract art and design movements of yesteryears – diagrams explaining math, physics and science. Travel and music always charge me up creatively. I'm also very inspired by the work my friends do. I’m blessed to have so many talented artists and designers close to me.

Alphafont is available to buy at HypeForType. Check out more from Matt W. Moore on his website, on Facebook and Twitter.

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