Inspiration Gallery - 06 January

I've invented a new rule for the gallery! Nothing major; I've merely decreed that there'll be a maximum of ten pieces of work every day. That way I should build up a pool of things to feature, and hopefully I'll be less likely to come up against days when I don't have enough great stuff to work with. So, here's today's collection; want to be in Monday's? Of course you do, so send me things via Twitter, or just click this and paste in your link.

Helmetgirl Teddy Bear s Heart

Helmetgirl - Teddy Bear's Heart

Tomasz Zelmanski deSkiDance Poster

Tomasz Zelmanski - deSkiDance Poster

Rocketpanda - Hotel Trip - via Sara

Nicolas Monin Baroille Pattern Work

Nicolas Monin-Baroille - Pattern Work

Randall Church One

Randall Church - One

My Poor Brain Platform

My Poor Brain - Platform

The Found Collective - Sony Realtime Projection Mapping Tests

Andi Best Untitled

Andi Best - Untitled

Arthur Leonov Artisic Serenity

Arthur Leonov - Artisic Serenity

Joo Oliveira Mementos

Joo Oliveira - Mementos