Inspiration Gallery - 15 February

I get quite a few talented designers submitting things regularly, but I don't want to keep on using the same people, no matter how good they are. So if you've been featured in the gallery recently, by all means submit more stuff but don't take it personally if I don't use it; I'm just trying to give someone else a chance. We cool? Ace! So send something in for tomorrow - via Twitter, or just click and paste.

Ryan Chapman Cut amp Run

Ryan Chapman - Cut & Run

BRDG - [BRDG007] PLMS_IV_D (SyncBody) - via Miguel Rato

Ben Tallon Caulbearers More Lie Deep EP

Ben Tallon - Caulbearers, More Lie Deep EP

Cassanese Emilio Union

Cassanese Emilio - Union

Ecotricity - Collapsing Cooling Towers - via Andy Martin

Noah Schloss Chaos

Noah Schloss - Chaos

Ollie Munden Gypsy Owl Snake

Ollie Munden - Gypsy, Owl, Snake - via Mr Booth

Visually - The American Beer Revival - via Sara

Mike Schofield The Nature of Space and Time

Mike Schofield - The Nature of Space and Time - via James Grover

Sa Agap Fly Love

Sa Agap - Fly Love