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Models wear nothing but light for photography series

light art photography

The Futures Light was Atton Conrad's first step into light painting

When you think of a fashion shoot, the first thing you'd think about is the clothes. We would have never imagined that the models would be dressed head to toe in light but that's exactly what London based advertising and art photographer Atton Conrad has done.

The series entitled 'The Futures Light' was Conrad's first step into including light painting in his work. "It started with light trails, but grew far beyond that," he explains. "As I developed my methodology and custom designed 'light brushes' I realised that the techniques could give me incredibly fine control over light and texture, to an almost hyperreal result."

"I have always been known for my classic lighting, and still take great pleasure in it, but this took it a completely fresh direction." We've certainly never seen anything like it before.

light art photography

light art photography

light art photography

[via Gizmodo Australia]

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