The new iPad - it's "resolutionary"

Apple has just announced the new iPad - no number this time, just the 'new' bit - and it largely lives up to the speculation we told you about earlier. It doesn't have the haptic feedback that, frankly, we were more than a little sceptical about, but much of the other speculation was right on the money. It's a fine-looking piece of kit but nothing revolutionary; instead, Apple suggests, it's "resolutionary".

That's down to the much-anticipated Retina display, packing a ludicrous 2048 x 1536 pixels that makes it impossible, we understand, to distinguish individual pixels at more than around 15 inches away. Madness; it's a higher resolution than the desktop PC we're writing this up on and the HDTV we'll be settling down to watch once we've posted this story.

Another headline is a new iSight camera replacing the not-especially good rear camera on the iPad 2. It'll record 1080p video and take 5 megapixel images, has a five-element lens, auto-face detection, auto focus lock and image stabilisation. Plus the new iPad features voice dictation for those of you who enjoy talking to your tech.

It's roughly the same size as the iPad 2 with the same battery life, and we anticipate similar complaints to the iPad 4S launch, in that it's not the massive advance over the iPad 2 that some people dreamed of. Just look at the resolution, though. Bigger than the maximum resolution of a

Photoshop Touch

project, which Adobe won't be too pleased about.

New iPad

Especially since Apple also showed off the new iPad version of iPhoto, an app that seems to do most of what Photoshop Touch does and a lot more besides. Available now for £2.99, it features multi-touch editing and plenty of effects, as well as effects brushes. It doesn't have Photoshop Touch's selection tools, however.

Also shown was a new vector app from Autodesk: Sketchbook Ink. Available from April, details are sparse at the moment but it looks intuitive and powerful; could it be the Illustrator surrogate that we've been waiting for? We can't wait to have a go on it and let you know.

So, the price? For the basic wi-fi model you're starting at £399 for 16GB, up to £559 for 64GB, and if you want the fancy 4G model it's £100 more across the board. You can pre-order now (although the store seems to be a little overloaded at the moment), and it goes on sale on 16 March. See you in the queue.

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