New project from Mercy

We spoke to Matt at Mercy who gave us the spiel for Spiel...

"The Spiel lads came to us full of enthusiasm, and a great eye for magazine design. We collaborated with them, producing many ideas until we final created something we were all happy with. It was quite a enjoyable process. I'd been itching to design a magazine identity and layout for some time, so admittedly I went a bit over the top with the guidelines."

"With the layout we wanted to create a flexible grid and system that was strict enough to keep each issue consistent, but also adaptable. We achieved this in a number of ways: one was introducing an issue colour, a prominent colour defined by the cover illustration which followed into the layout through the colouring of the quote copy; the use of duo toned images, and as full bleed page backgrounds."

The mag size is B5, it uses a three-column grid, and its headline typeface is Ultramagnetic, underlined.

Textbook studio in Manchester now manage Spiel's monthly design and are doing a brilliant job. The first copy is now on the streets of Liverpool or available to buy from their website

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