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Reeling in new clients

The following tutorial explains how Clusta went about creating its new showreel. The project needed to reflect new video work done over the last 12 months, plus it had to be in keeping with the new Clusta site due to launch early in 2006.

The studio wanted something short, concise and punchy, and didn't want to go overboard on effects - it felt the bits of footage should speak for themselves and show Clusta's versatility in the post-production department. The intro and outro were designed to communicate Clusta's new brand while giving a general theme to the presentation. Bear in mind that it's best to keep your showreel short - don't turn it into an epic because people will generally turn it off after a couple of minutes anyway.

If you need inspiration, look at the work of other design studios, but don't be put off by the calibre of work turned out by set-ups such as Concentrate on the elements you understand and build on those techniques. This tutorial uses Flash, After Effects and Photoshop to stunning effect.

Click here to download the Clusta showreel ( 170MB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free