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Scale input tricks for printing patterns

InDesign doesn't have an equivalent to Illustrator's pattern swatches, or Photoshop's defined patterns, and there's no automatic way of creating a pattern fill in the application.

In this tutorial, however, I'll show you how to import, position, repeat and then prepare a repeating pattern before getting it ready for print. You'll learn that there's a difference between resizing and scaling in InDesign, and discover how to use the Scale input fields in the Transform panel or the Control strip with physical measurements and simple maths to achieve a precise result.

The scenario we'll use for this tutorial is that of preparing artwork for wrapping paper, using one of the new online services that enable you to create your own custom gift wrap, but it could apply to a range of different real-world situations - including large-format prints, covers or even wallpaper!

Click here to download the support files (2.6MB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free