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You'll love these adorable illustrated pet dinosaurs

Thanks to various 3D movies, we're used to seeing dinosaurs as ravenous beasts, ready to devour the nearest human in sight. But Russian illustrator Varya Kolesnikova has no interest in ravenous raptors or terrifying T-Rex, instead, her latest, charming children's book illustrations depicts them as adorable, and slightly mischevious, pets.

This new set of artwork is for Rebus, a new children's detective story featuring two common Moscow boys and plenty of dinosaurs. But Kolesnikova's talents extend further than just prehistoric creature, as her impressive portfolio shows, with the illustrator creating beautiful artwork of other animals and humans for various project.

Kolesnikova's dinstinctive style and fanciful, child-like creations are truly inspiring. Creating beautiful worlds through pictures, you'll find yourself immersed in her artwork for hours.

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