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Create custom social media icons for your website

Perfect icons

Create custom icons for your website in a matter of minutes

Working in web design is difficult enough as it is - managing clients and trying to manage your time and money, you rarely have those spare hours for a task that could take a matter of minutes. As a fellow web developer, Ivan Sugerman understands this and that's why he's created Perfect Icons.

"I realised how much time I spent creating custom social icons for websites. On average it could be up to 30 minutes for each website," he explains. "When you are creating one or more websites per week that really adds up! Also, with screens now at varying resolutions, images are no longer a viable option."

I love this efficiency movement within the developer community because we can stop spending repetitive time on little things like social icons. Tools like this help move the web development industry forward. With the large influence the internet has in our daily lives I guess you could say this is my little way of making the world a better place."

Head on over to Perfect Icons to try it out for yourself.

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