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Top agencies live on the web

visual jazz

Visual Jazz played a one-hour, live rock set

Over 90 agencies from more than 29 countries have signed up to the project which broadcasts weekly one-hour slots from each company. Some are planning to put on a live show, and others are putting the webcam up in their offices to display the general goings on.

At present the feed will be online for around 90 hours per week, with a view to becoming full time.

Rob Ford from The FWA told us "FWAwebTV is essentially a platform for award winning agencies. It's their chance to interact in real time with a global audience. A chance to show their offices, let us be a fly on the wall as they work, or to put on a one hour live show.

"In the first 24 hours, 2Advanced launched their new site live on FWAwebTV. We also had a marriage proposal. There was a Polish BBQ with butler and champagne, and Visual Jazz from Australia just played a one-hour rock set."