The 15 best graphic design podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to find out what's going in the design world while you commute, work out at the gym, or take the dog for a walk. For those who've always wished they could turn on their radio and listen to people chatting about design, this post lists 15 informative, fun, and thought-provoking podcasts that every designer should be listening (and subscribing) to.

If web design is your thing, here's a list of great web design podcasts

01. Being Freelance

Being Freelance homepage

Steve Folland interviews a broad spectrum of creative professionals

The business side of a freelance creative lifestyle can often be stressful and isolating, so this podcast by Steve Folland goes some way to connecting designers who are struggling with similar hurdles. Conversation topics include how guests got started, where they find clients, and how they stay productive. Casual and straight to the point, this entertaining podcast appeals to creatives from all walks of life.

02. Arrest All Mimics

Arrest All Mimics homepage

Illustrator Ben Tallon's podcast has a legion of listeners

Thanks to its charismatic host, illustrator Ben Tallon, Arrest All Mimics: The Creative Innovation Podcast has quickly become a favourite with listeners. Tallon's enjoyable and inspirational interview style brings out the most fascinating stories from some of the most diverse and exciting people in the industry. Brace yourself for stories about magical colour schemes, book publishing, and extraordinary confessions.

03. Creative Pep Talk

Creative Pep Talk homepage

Host Andy J. Miller helps creatives strike a work/ life balance

Through ridiculous analogies and personal stories, illustrator Andy J. Miller hopes to help listeners break through their confusion and make a plan for creative career success. Designed to help you make a good living by making great art, this feel-good podcast tackles creative wellbeing from lots of different angles.

04. North V South

North V South homepage

Two regions come together in one podcast

In England, there's a strong divide between the north and the south (although where exactly you draw the line is up for debate). The two regions come together in this podcast as designers from each area talk about design, illustration, technology, books, culture, and, of course, pies.

05. Creative Playdate

Creative Playdate homepage

Michelle Kondrich's podcast tackles one of the biggest challenges of them all: parenthood

Commercial artist and illustrator Michelle Kondrich is the creator and host of Creative Playdate, a podcast with a difference. While lots of design podcasts focus on career advice, Kondrich finds an original approach with her podcast for people who pursue a creative career while raising children.

06. Design Matters

Design Matters podcast

Debbie Millman offers thought provoking conversations with credible designers

Design Matters with Debbie Millman is a long-running audio podcast featuring industry-leading graphic designers, educators, authors and thinkers from around the globe, including Marian Bantjes, Steven Heller, Seth Godin, Milton Glaser and Tim Brown.

The in-depth, thought-provoking conversations between Millman and her guests offer lots of insight from experienced and credible designers. The conversation is often warm and inviting, which makes Design Matters great to turn on whether you're working at your desk, relaxing at home or on your daily commute.

With around five million downloads a year, Design Matters is one of the most popular design podcasts and a must-listen for any serious designer. The complete archives, dating back to 2005, are available at

07. The Design of Business | The Business of Design

The Design of Business | The Business of Design

This podcast is run by Design Observer

Recorded at Yale School of Management, The Design of Business | The business of Design is hosted by Design Observer's Jessica Helfand and Pentagram's Michael Bierut. In it, they explore how design works within complex organisations to shape decisions, ideas, products, and more. Guests include clients from many industries and designers in a range of fields.

08. The Reflex Blue Show

The Reflex Blue Show

Donovan Beery talks design with great guests in The Reflex Blue Show

Hosted by Donovan Beery, a designer living and working in Omaha, Nebraska, The Reflex Blue Show is a podcast that covers graphic design, design, pop culture, web design, and the people working in the creative industries. 

Now in its 11th season, with more than 190 episodes for you to work through, it's featured a huge selection of guests over the years, including Val Head, Jessica Hische and Stefan Sagmeister.

09. Resourceful Designer

Resourceful Designer

Want to nail the business side of design? Hit up Mark Des Cotes

If you're interested in the business side of graphic design, Mark Des Cotes' Resourceful Designer is a must. With over 90 episodes recorded so far, it's aimed at helping home-based graphic designers and web designers streamline their business, with plenty of advice, tips and resources to help you get things right.

Each episode covers a specific theme, such as home office essentials, tips for mastering your emotional intelligence, how to save money, dealing with deadlines and what to do when you mess up a a project. And as well as the podcast, Resourceful Designer also has an in-depth blog plus a useful list of design resources.

10. Adventures In Design

Adventures in Design

Adventures in Design features entertaining and informative industry gossip

Join graphic designer Mark Brickey as he brings some youthful enthusiasm to the roster of design podcasts. The Shop Talk interview segment features banter between Brinckey and his friends in the design and illustration world and often makes for some highly entertaining – and yet still informative – design gossip.

11. Mac Power Users

Mac Power Users

Make your Mac go faster with Mac Power Users' useful tips

If you're designing, there's a good chance that you're sitting in front of a Mac. David Sparks and Katie Floyd of Mac Power Users are here to offer you some "fully-charged discussion" and help you get the most out of your Mac and other Apple technology. The podcast features great tips and tricks for your Mac and covers a wide range of topics such as optimising your machine's performance and repair, web automation, remote access, iOS, and more.

12. Greyscale Gorilla

Greyscale Gorilla

Greyscale Gorilla covers motion graphics in a way that's light-hearted yet informative

If you're looking for a light-hearted, yet professional podcast related to Cinema4D, After Effects CC and design in general, The Gorilla, aka Nick Campbell, fronts a podcast that's definitely worthy of subscription.

Rather than interviews, Greyscale Gorilla focuses around interaction with live listeners via the podcast chat room. During each show, Nick shares valuable insight into the world of motion graphics and gives great advice on topics including productivity, work ethic, design inspiration, how to land a job and even advice on your demo reel – all the while interacting and answering questions live from the listeners.

Greyscale Gorilla is a great podcast for anyone from veterans of C4D and Mograph all the way to students looking to get some great industry advice from a seasoned professional.

13. The Deeply Graphic Design Cast

The Deeply Graphic Design Cast

The Deeply Graphic Design Cast covers a different topic each week

Aimed at freelancers and in-house designers alike, each episode of The Deeply Graphic Design Cast tackles a different topic related to graphic design, from finding better clients to designer fails to advertising your work. There are three hosts, who give a great range of perspectives. They offer up tips and tricks in the Do Yourself a Favour segment as well as answering listeners' questions.

14. The Accidental Creative

The Accidental Creative podcast

This weekly podcast features interviews with artists, authors and business leaders

Weekly design podcast The Accidental Creative is hosted by Todd Henry – who describes himself as "an arms dealer in the creative revolution", and has written a number of design books. The show aims to help listeners build practical, everyday practices that ensure they stay efficient and effective in their life and their work. It features interviews with artists, authors and business leaders.

15. Typeradio


Head to Typeradio if you are into type 

The Typeradio podcasts cover both type and more general design. Typeradio is, in fact, a Micro FM broadcast and an MP3 internet radio stream as well as a podcast station, and they broadcast questions, answers, performances, events and talks online – plus on stage too.

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Joe Nicklo is a self-taught art director working in South Florida with more than 10 years of professional design experience.