6 cutting-edge ways to create immersive brand experiences

Post digital branding agency Studio Output has partnered with boutique design house Engage Production to launch Future15, a two-week pop-up event showcasing how emerging technology trends and new products can be combined with cutting-edge creative content, to produce immersive brand experiences that people want to share.

Future15 isn't only hours of fun for the experimental child in you. It offers insightful clues as to how brands can blend technology with real life to create unique and memorable experiences in 2015.


From 9-25th February visitors to Future15 can get hands-on with everything from life-sized robots to affordable projection-mapping systems

"There are plenty of key themes to take away from the tech on offer at Future15," says Studio Output group manager Ian Hambleton. "In this post digital age, people see through anything if it's too salesy. Brands have to make something with more integrity, things that appeal to us more as human beings."

"Whether it's the Leap tech or coding kits, we're being encouraged to take our individual journey and craft our own experience within the parameters of tech and brand. When brands manage to capture that wow content by layering technology over reality, they truly entertain and engage their audience."

"It is these authentic and magical moments that convert those who know the brand into super fans. Ultimately, they will do the hard sell for you with the most trusted delivery – word of mouth."

Here, Studio Output bring you six key pieces of technology that will change the way brands interact with their customers in futre…

01. Smile for the GIF generator

Kin and Say Fromage's 180 Photobooth GIF generator adds movement to your pictures

London-based research and design studio Kin collaborated with Say Fromage to exhibit their 180 Photobooth GIF generator. Armed with 10 DSLR cameras and custom timing software, it can create a 180-degree animated GIF of anyone who may step – or jump – in front of it.

Not only can you watch your personal GIF in private, you can also share it across your social profiles for the internet to see. Well… It'd be rude not to.

02. Leap into the Large Hadron Collider

Travel through a psychedelic supercollider using 3D motion controls and gestures to warp your face with generative visuals and dynamic sounds

Funktronic Labs brings Oculus Rift and LEAP Motion to the party with Collider. As you travel through a psychedelic super collider, you can interact with generative visual and dynamic sounds with your own gestures.

For gamers everywhere, the LEAP Motion technology is an addition to the front of the headset that enables human interaction with 3D motion controls. This makes for a far more seamless, and rewarding, VR gaming experience.

03. Projecting a message

Projection mapping gives you the freedom to use virtually anything as a canvas

Projection mapping is now an immersive retail solution and global specialist Projection Artworks shows how. With Nike trainers being used as a canvas, a variety of designs and colours are displayed.

If your eyes somehow stray, real time sport updates and news are projected onto the shelves themselves. The cloud-based tech is an incredibly impressive and low-cost tool for retail brands.

04. Playable posters

Novalia combines conductive print and capacitive touch to create smart surfaces - like this poster - that act as sensors and speakers

Award-winning tech company Novalia is owning the beats with a series of interactive posters made with conductive ink. By creating a graphic that matches up to a printed circuit, these amazing posters turn traditional media spaces into interactive drum machines.

The tech is only a few microns thick, lightweight and without the need for bulky electronics, so it can be seamlessly integrated into all manner of products.

05. Visualising data in real time

Holition's artistic projection for Lyst visualises data in real time - and makes for an engaging piece of digital art too

Digital creative studio Holition visualised the data of around 250,000 items of clothing and accessories for fashion website, Lyst. The real-time infographic highlights live key trends through an engaging and colourful piece of digital art, made possible by the customers.

06. Learning through play

Technology Will Save Us aims to be an accessible ecosystem for hands-on learning with technology

Using DIY kits to spur playful discovery, Technology Will Save Us encourages you to start your own journey as a tech maker. From musical instruments to plant waterers, the opportunity to create is there for the taking.

Better yet – make something new and the design-led technology start-up will feature it online with your bespoke kit, so you can share your ingenuity with the rest of the maker community.

Access to the Future15 Demo Studio is by invitation only. Book in a one-hour meeting slot for your team to experience the technology in action. A series of workshops, talks and panel discussions will be run throughout the two-week pop-up, focusing on different aspects of brand experience. Head over to the Future15 site to find out more.

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