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New Game of Thrones artwork teases secret references

Game of Thrones artwork

Get drawn into Game of Thrones with this tantalising artwork

With the phenomenally successful Game of Thrones returning to our screens for a sixth series in April, there's no better time to catch up on the epic fantasy programme. And thanks to these boxsets from London's Aesop agency, complete with stunning embossed images, the show has never looked better.

Cynics may argue that if you know how to draw a dragon, you can create Game of Thrones artwork – but these boxsets will confound their expectations. A brilliant example of storytelling through design, these boxsets of the first five seasons are loaded with 'magic tokens' – visual triggers that lure new viewers into the story and reward those who have already seen the episodes.

Three different design stories make up this release, with each separate piece of box art brought to life by a specific print finishing technique. Choose from the sinister embossed mask of the Sons of the Harpy, a cloak of feathers picked out in a tacticle matte varnish, or a spear of dragonglass highlighted with holographic foils.

Sleeve artwork for each individual season is finished off with characters shrouded in darkness, reflecting the deceptive nature of individuals in the series.

"We were keen to distill key storylines in Season 5 to single images that are both intriguing to new viewers, but have meaning and an air of excitement, to the existing," says Dan Calderwood, Design Director at Aesop. "We can’t wait to see how the story unfolds and how we’ll bring it to life next season."

Game of Thrones DVD artwork

Favourite characters are given a sinister edge in this DVD art

Game of Thrones DVD artwork

The three exclusive boxsets are realised with different printing techniques

Game of Thrones DVD artwork

'Magic tokens' lure in both old and new viewers

Game of Thrones DVD artwork

Find out what each character has to hide

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