16 Valentine's Day gifts for designers

09. Perpetuum Calendar

With the Perpetuum Calendar, you’ll never have to buy your partner a new calendar ever again

Calendars aren’t just for Christmas y’know and with this sleek Perpetuum calendar by Studio Yonoh, you’ll never have to buy your partner a new calendar ever again. It’s a design that never runs out, with its 3D printed base produced to a fabric-like plastic and 14k gold-plated timepieces making it the best looking calendar around.

10. CMYK playing cards

Your other-half will be able to kick back and relax with these CMYK playing cards

Designers need a little downtime too and one of the best ways to achieve maximum chill is stepping away from the screen and hammering out some good old fashioned card games with your closest pals. Stick to the creative aspect and bag a box of these CMYK playing cards that’ll have your designer partner feeling chilled and creative.

11. Craft beer subscription box

Does your Valentine love booze and beautiful branding? A beer subscription box could be right up their street

What’s better than trying a new beer? Trying a new beer with beautiful branding of course! There’s a bunch of different subscription services you can choose from but the team at Flavourly seem to pick out some of the most beautifully branded beers around. What’s more, if your other-half isn’t a fan of the stuff, Flavourly also offer a gin selection subscription box and the label designs look just as stunning.

12. Cord organiser

Need a gift on a budget? This cord organiser is both thoughtful and useful

This may not be the flashiest of gifts but it is one of the most practical. Designers and creative-types have a lot of stuff on their desks and this can mean a lot of cords. Once inspiration strikes, they may not be thinking about the wires so much and things can get a little tangled. Thankfully, this cord organiser is cost-effective and proves to be one of the most useful tools for a designer’s desk.


Your designer partner will be able to keep their tools charged up with this clever bag design

Speaking of keeping tools in check, this clever design by KNOMO will allow your partner to carry around their electronic devices securely while also being able to charge them at the same time. With an tntegrated 5000MAH battery and micro usb charging cable, plush a lovely velvet exterior, it seems like it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving. 

14. The Today Clock

Slow down time with this innovative clock design that was previously backed on Kickstarter

For designers working against a deadline, time can seem to run away. However, this clock design from Scott Thrift ensures time moves a little slower. Using a 24-hour movement engineered and assembled in Germany, the Today Clock quietly moves at half the speed of a regular clock, making one full rotation every day. 

15. Fade Task lamp

Turn down the lights with this fatigue-fighting lamp that will help your partner create their best work

The right lighting is important when it comes to health, inspiration and productivity. If your designer partner is in need of a light that will help them to be more creative, then the Fade Task lamp is probably your best bet. Eyestrain and fatigue are reduced when the light colour temperature is shifted to match your environment, with the lamp’s intuitive multi-slider control allowing the light color to shift easily from warm to cool light and from dim to bright light. Neat!

16. Perfume

A scent with a different, this bottle design will take centre stage in the bedroom

Perfume is a classic gift on Valentine’s Day and although your partner may already have their favourite, chances are the bottle doesn’t look as good as this one from Japanese studio Nendo. Writing in the description on the website, the design is called ‘The Totem’ and “is simple, asserted, stands for an identity and gathers people together.”

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