20 amazing free Google web fonts

Looking to start your next digital project? Be it a website, app or other screen-based venture, there’s an abundance of high-quality and (best of all) free web fonts out there. Let’s take a look at some of the best options. You’ll find them all, and many more, at fonts.google.com.

For a wider range of options, take a look at our roundup of the greatest free web fonts.

01. Rubik

Rubik features subtle, rounded corners

A sans-serif family with five weights – Light, Regular, Medium, Bold and Black, all with italics – Rubik has subtle, rounded corners and is ideal for both body copy and headlines. It was designed by Philipp Hubert and Sebastian Fischer at Hubert and Fischer. 

02. Monoton

Monoton is a contemporary take on metalpress fonts

A display font (recommended to be used above 30pt) much in the style of Alex Trochut, Monoton is a contemporary take on metalpress fonts, and was designed by Vernon Adams. It's perfect for a quirky headline on your site – as the estimated 2,000,000 websites it has been used on proves. Pair it with a modern serif for a contemporary yet classic feel.

03. Karla

Karla comes in Regular and Bold, along with italics

Karla is a grotesque sans-serif typeface in Regular and Bold (along with italics) with some rather nice quirks – check out the subtle, curved descenders on the ‘q’ and ‘y’, for instance. Designed by Jonny Pinhorn, it's equally appealing at over 40pt right down to body copy sizes.

04. Baloo

You can use Baloo in nine Indian scripts, if you so wish

According to Google, Baloo is "a perfect blend of pointy paws in a coat of fur". OK. We think it's an intriguing rounded display face, that’s also available in nine Indian scripts along with a Latin counterpart. Versatile and, well, rather beautiful.

05. Neuton

Neuton is a versatile, Dutch-style face

Neuton is a little like Times in structure, with its large height, short extenders, and a compact width. It’s perfect for body copy and comes in Extra-Light, Light, Regular, Regular Italic, Bold and Extra Bold. A hugely versatile Dutch-inspired face by designer Brian Zick.

06. Alegreya SC

This all-caps face creates impact for headlines

If you’re looking for an all-caps typeface for a bit of impact in your headlines or supporting text, Alegreya SC may be just the ticket. Pair it with the rest of the Alegreya family for an elegant consistency across your screen projects.

07. Lilita One

Use Lilita One at 40pt or over for maximum impact

A little bit condensed, a little bit rounded, and a little bit quirky in its rounded terminals and soft appearance, Lilita One is a fun display font for headlines and shorter text (perhaps navigational elements). Best used at 40pt and above, we reckon.

08. EB Garamond

Worth checking out, even though it's currently only available in Regular

EB Garamond is an open source revival of Claud Garamond’s classic typeface from the mid-16th century, and we can’t really explain it in any more detail. A sublime and elegant body font, even if it is only available in Regular at this point. It’s worth checking out Cormorant Garamond, as well.

09. Lora

Lora is ideal for large chunks of body text

Available in Regular, Regular Italic, Bold and Bold Italic, Lora is a serif font particularly suited to reams of body text. Google says "the overall typographic voice of Lora perfectly conveys the mood of a modern-day story, or an art essay". We particularly like the way the stem flows into the tittle on the lowercase ‘i’ in Regular Italic.

10. Space Mono

This sci-fi-style face comes in Regular and Bold versions

Geometric fuses with grotesque in this sci-fi-esque design. A fixed-width family in Regular and Bold (with italics – Regular Italic being our favourite, thanks to its wonderful descenders and serifs), Space Mono is one cool display face. As well as in headlines, use the Regular weight sparingly for short passages of text.

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