Christmas gift guide for 3D and VFX artists over £100/$100

If you're still on the hunt for that knockout gift for the 3D or VFX artist in your life, we're here to help. Below you'll find a selection of incredible presents that are sure to smile on the face of any a digital artist. 

01. Wacom Studio Pro

Work on the go with the Wacom Studio Pro

The ultimate input device, mobile workstation and monitor, all wrapped up in one beautifully designed object. The Wacom Studio Pro comes in various flavours and spec but they all are a joy to use, can make you more productive and remove the restrictions of the desktop, so you can get out and about without worrying about loss of production. With xpress keys and a 3d camera you will also have some new toys to play with.

02. Wooden Desk

This beautiful wooden desk would make a brilliant addition to any home or studio

This would make a great desk for the animator with limited room, but it’s even better suited as a second, smaller surface for specific tasks. Think about it as a dedicated space for that 3D printer you’ve asked Santa for. There’s nothing quite like a real timber work surface either, so bin the melamine and upgrade to some natural beauty.

03. MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer

It's not cheap, but this 3D printer is sure to put a smile on the face of any a 3D or VFX artist

It really doesn’t matter what area of 3D or VFX you are in, there are so many reasons you should have a 3D printer. From showing clients physical models of the current project, to printing toys and so much more. 

Makerbot is a filament based printer that has been around for some time and the latest version is the best yet. Print quality is very good and the device itself looks more professional than many of the other options available.

04. Ultrawide LG monitor

An ultrawide monitor is one of the best investments an animator can make

An ultrawide monitor is one of the best investments an animator can make. Given that so much time is spent within the timeline of your chosen application, the extra width can feel freeing. LG make the best examples of these and the 34” 21:9 has a full HD resolution vertically but plenty more horizontally. It’s like having a twin monitor setup without the annoying bezels in the middle. What’s more you can plug two machines in, meaning you could have your mac one side, while your pc is on the other, letting you keep an eye on that render.

05. Eames chair

The iconic Eames chair is on the wish list of many a designer

We are all guilty of overworking and staying in front of a monitor for longer than is really healthy. There can be no denying that a change is good now and then, either go for a walk or run, or if you can’t leave the studio do some reading or sketching. And that's where the iconic Eames lounge chair comes in. If you can avoid falling asleep in it then it’s the most comfortable place to be. Ideal for sketching, or just having some thinking time, to revitalise your thought processes.

06. Flip clock

While there is nothing wrong with the apple watch, or the digging your phone out of your pocket, there is something great about a simple glance at the wall to check on the time, date and so on. It’s still the fastest way of staying up to date and this beautifully retro orange flip clock ticks all the right style boxes too.

07. Cacoon

Enjoy some downtime in peace in this indoor hammock

This might seem like an odd one but it’s not so far-fetched. I doubt there are many studios that haven’t seen the midnight oil being burned, as the client waits for final renders. However, a lot of that time is spent waiting for the farm to do its thing, so why not set an alarm and catch a few Zs in this indoor hammock. Can be fitted to a hook or a temporary stand and should let you while away some downtime in peace.

08. Standing desktop

Stand at your desk in style with this gorgeous standing desktop
  • Price: $202/£159
  • Check out this gift at: Etsy

The last couple of years have seen a huge rise in ‘best’ working practices, from a health perspective. One of these has been standing desks, which tend to be taller but essentially the same as a sitting desk. Some tasks just don’t suit this so this laptop stand is the perfect solution for those who need adaptability. The walnut finish is lovely but, more importantly, it’s functional and can easily be moved aside for completing more traditional tasks.

09. Aeron task chair

The Aeron Task chair is one piece of office furniture that needs no introduction

Probably one of the few office chairs that doesn’t really need an introduction, the Aeron Task chair has been around for a while and is the king of desk chairs. It’s comfortable but suprtive and is breathable, keeping you at your best for long slogs at the workstation. It isn’t cheap but it is excellent and will last longer than a lifetime.

10. Renderboxx

Renderboxx – the ultimate gift for the 3D/VFX artist
  • Price: From $4508/£3544
  • Check out this gift at: Boxx

The ultimate gift for the 3D/VFX artist is their very own renderfarm and surprisingly they start at a cost that isn’t as high as you might think. Boxx are leading the field with the renderboxx, which can have 10 units in one rack mount, each with up to 44 cores, along with the supporting hardware.

High end quality and blistering xeon based speeds will make all your projects come to a close far faster than other methods and with you holding unparalleled control.

Note: prices listed are based on exchange rates at time of article publishing and are subject to change.

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