Get started with variable fonts in CSS

Typography on the web allows for graphic designers to be expressive with their client’s messages. The web has come a long way with typography, from only allowing fonts that are installed on the user's computer, to now having a whole raft of weird typefaces and fun fonts available from online content delivery networks. 

If you’ve ever used Google Fonts, then you might notice that when you add a number of weights for the same typeface, because you would like to use it in bold etc, then Google generally warns you that adding these makes the page slow to load. This problem is because a whole typeface of every single character has to be downloaded for each of those weights, regardless of whether you use all the characters.

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Mark Shufflebottom

Mark is a Professor of Interaction Design at Sheridan College of Advanced Learning near Toronto, Canada. Highlights from Mark's extensive industry practice include a top four (worldwide) downloaded game for the UK launch of the iPhone in December 2007. Mark created the title sequence for the BBC’s coverage of the African Cup of Nations. He has also exhibited an interactive art installation 'Tracier' at the Kube Gallery and has created numerous websites, apps, games and motion graphics work.