Is it possible to turn your iPad into a 3D studio?

iPad apps for 3D
(Image credit: Shapr3D)

The holy grail as a freelance artist has always been the ability to work remotely on as light and simple a device as possible. It’s simple logistics: the smaller your device, the less gear you carry, the more accessible you make yourself – and the more likely you are to be hired. Wouldn’t it be great if everything you needed fit into a backpack and was all contained on one device? No peripherals, no extra cables for ports you didn’t expect, no hard drives – just one device that could do everything. 

That day may be sooner than you think – and possibly not on the device you would imagine. Conventional thinking would be to explore something like the Wacom MobileStudio, a device that sets out to do just this – give you the full operating power of a PC contained in a single mobile device. However, the hefty price tag may put some off, especially when combined with the cost of licenses for the best 3D modelling software

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A veteran from the days of the 8-bit ZX Spectrum, Orestis is always interested in the fastest, slickest way to make computers do new and exciting things.