Developer reacts to PlayStation VR 2 – will PSVR 2 be any good?

PlayStation VR 2 developer reaction; a VR headset
(Image credit: SCEE)

Sony's PlayStation VR 2 will be here soon. The PSVR 2 release date is set for 22 February 2023, so it’s just months away and you’re maybe considering a PSVR 2 pre order from the official Sony PlayStation Store. The big question is, will it be worth it? To get the answer we asked developer Polyarc, creator of Moss and Moss Book II, which is confirmed for PSVR 2.

We know the new PSVR 2 virtual reality hardware will be swoopy and white like the base console, but its looks are just one of many reasons why the next generation of VR will be a head-turner. As our PS5 review revealed, two years on Sony's newest console still impresses, so expectations are high PlayStation VR 2 will be unrivalled. Stick with me as I dig into why you should be excited for PSVR 2.

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Jess Kinghorn
Freelance writer

Jess is PLAY Magazine’s games editor, and is known for championing the weird, the wonderful, and the downright janky. A fan of cult classic JRPGs and horror, her rants about Koudelka and Shadow Hearts have held many a captive audience. Outside of writing about all things PlayStation, she’s also a lifelong fan of Nintendo’s handheld consoles. Having whiled away most of her college years playing The World Ends With You on the original Nintendo DS, she’s looking forward to uncovering all of NEO’s secrets too. Beginning her career as Official PlayStation Magazine’s staff writer in 2017, she’s since written for PC Gamer, SFX, Games Master, and Games TM.

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