Revolutionary alphabet book spells out the benefits of socialism

Politics and picture books might not seem like logical bedfellows, but The ABCs of Socialism is all about providing a fresh take on an old idea. Filled with distinctive illustrations that lead you through the for against arguments surrounding socialism, the beautifully designed book reads like a more comprehensive version of some of the internet's best infographics.

“It was a privilege to play my part in this project,” says illustrator Phil Wrigglesworth, explaining that the book came about “through a new energy in both the US and Europe for socialist thinking, with both Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn leading the way.” The book shows a series of questions and answers, which are designed to debunk common ideas about socialism and each have an accompanying illustration.

“Traditionally visual communication on the left has been very loud and shouty,” remarks Wrigglesworth, on the design and colour scheme of the book. “Jacobin has a softer, more persuasive approach.” The illustrations are played out in a mirror image of the front and back cover of the book. “As the figures and setting are quirky and fun, the book is less a lecture and more about being fun and educational,” he adds.

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The ABCs of Socialism debunks left wing myths
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The book caters to a new wave of socialist enthusiasm
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The book's illustrations veer away from shouty, preachy messages
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Fun illustrations help to try and make the book educational and experimental

This article was originally published in Computer Arts magazine issue 258. Buy it here.