4 top typography tools for web designers

Getting the typography right in your web designs is a vital skill, but one that's difficult to master. These top typography tools for web designers will help you on your way. Here we've included tools to help you find the perfect font pairing and great places to download fonts, but also some handy tools to help you make your font choices work well in situ. 

If you've got a new site, make your design pop with the right web hosting service and a decent website builder. And be sure to save your typography inspiration in cloud storage.

01. Gridlover

This tools is great for gauging font sizes

This tools is great for gauging font sizes

Gridlover is awesome at gauging font sizes and spacing on a web page when you’re considering how big your H1 and H2 titles need to be. This free tool enables you to dynamically set scaling rules that apply to your headers and tinker with the CSS.

It’s also a great tool for when you need to hand over designs to a developer. The output CSS and rules are really useful for ensuring consistency between design and code.

02. Canva Font Combinations

Pick a starter font and see where it takes you

Pick a starter font and see where it takes you

Canva's Font Combinations is a useful tool if you want to simply see font pairings and get some inspiration. Select your starter font and this tools will provide you with a list of useful ideas of great font pairings. A great advantage is that you can also see the pairing in situ with live examples. Although the font listing is not huge, you can count on every font being web safe and is a great starting point for inspiration.

03. Adobe Typekit

Typekit offers an abundance of web-safe fonts

Typekit offers an abundance of web-safe fonts

Adobe Typekit is a healthy alternative to Google Fonts, providing you an abundance of choice on web-safe fonts. Create kits for individual projects and navigate through a variety of available fonts. What’s useful about this tool is the ability to rewrite the sample text and filter through typography styles.

With a font chosen it’s really easy to install on a web page using a couple of lines of code in the head of your HTML and CSS.

04. Fonts.com

This library includes more unique and unusual fonts

This library includes more unique and unusual fonts

A great resource if you want your project to be more individual and unique. Font libraries like Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit are always great, but you can count on your chosen fonts being used by others too. The wonderful thing about Fonts.com is that you can browse through a larger portfolio of fonts and see how they are being used by the font authors. It’s a great inspiration resource, especially for personal and unique fonts.

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