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78 best free fonts for designers

The best free fonts: Handwriting fonts

37. Timothy

best free fonts: Timothy

Handwritten fonts aren't all about swirly scrawl

Handwriting fonts don't have to be about swirly letters. In this hand-drawn font, Timothy, it's block capitals that add a hand-written touch. Timothy was inspired by designer Timothy Goodman and is free for personal and commercial use. We think it'd be good for invitations of handwritten notes. 

38. Kavivanar

Best free fonts: Kavivanar

This slanted handwriting font is based on typical Tamal handwriting

This bold handwriting font was inspired by the slanting letterforms found in typical Tamal handwriting (as well as a Tamil alphabet, it also includes Latin letterforms). Kavivanar was designed by Tharique Azeez, a type designer based in Sri Lanka, and is free to download. 

39. Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup

The scratchy handmade feel of Tomato Soup is ideal for invitations or to recreate a handwritten note look

If you ever feel like you want to recreate the scratchy handwriting of your doctor or perhaps teacher, this is the font for you. Tomato Soup was made by and looks best when there's less text – we wouldn't recommend writing out long chunks of text with it. However, it's ideal for invitations or anywhere where you want to recreate the handmade look. And if it doesn't quite fit the bill, check out our round up of other brilliant free script fonts from around the web. 

40. Ambarella

Best free fonts: Ambarella

Ambarella is a beautiful calligraphy typeface

Ambarella is a beautiful free font from Polem Studio. The handwritten design in a modern calligraphy style includes various swashes, alternates and Western European characters.

41. Quefira

free fonts: Querfira

This swooshy font adds style to  your designs (Image credit: Vultype Co)

Querifa Script by Vultype Co has swooshing ligatures yet still manages to have an uncluttered feel. It could work in invites or greetings cards, as well as menus and packaging. It comes with numerals and punctuation as well as a stylish set of alternates.

42. Nickainley

Best free fonts: Nickainley

Nickainley is a free font based on vintage-style handwriting

Nickainley is one of our favourite free handwriting fonts. This Monoline script with a classic, vintage feel, includes uppercase and lowercase characters, as well as numerics and punctuation marks. Offering a variety of possible use cases, including logos, T-shirt designs, letterhead and signage, this free font was created by Indonesian agency Seniors Studio.

43. Shadows into Light

Best free fonts: Shadows into light

This free handwriting font has rounded edges and a clean feel

Shadows Into Light is the work of type designer Kimberly Geswein. Ideal for adding a personal touch to your projects, this free font features rounded edges and neat, clean characters. It's currently available in one style only, but has already proven extremely popular.

44. Pacifico

Best free fonts: Pacifico

Pacifico is one of the most laid-back free fonts around

Pacifico is a fun brush script handwriting font inspired by 1950s American surf culture. This open source font was one of the great contributions to the free software community by the late designer Vernon Adams.

45. Cute Punk

Best free fonts: Cute Punk

Cute Punk is a free font based on handwriting, but with a twist

Cute Punk offers a vibrant, youthful and thoroughly modern take on the handwriting font. Infusing the style with a striking, almost geometric feel, this free font is the work of Flou, a designer and illustrator from Bratislava, Slovakia.

46. Yellowtail

Best free fonts: Yellowtail

Free font Yellowtail features a classic approach to handwritten, brush lettering

Yellowtail is an old-school, flat, brush font that evokes classic 1930s typefaces like Gillies Gothic and Kaufmann. Designed by typography institute Astigmatic, its mixture of connecting and non-connecting letterforms gives it a unique look and ensures good legibility. 

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