68 best free fonts for designers

31. Kavivanar

This slanted handwriting font is based on typical Tamal handwriting

This slanted handwriting font is based on typical Tamal handwriting

This bold handwriting font was inspired by the slanting letterforms found in typical Tamal handwriting (as well as a Tamil alphabet, it also includes Latin letterforms). Kavivanar was designed by Tharique Azeez, a type designer based in Sri Lanka, and is free to download. 

32. Amatic SC

This small caps font is full of personality

This small caps font is full of personality

Amatic is a small-caps, hand-drawn web font that is ideal for titles or small runs of text. It has gained popularity for its naive aesthetic, which is brimming with personality. The free font was first designed by Vernon Adams, before being refreshed and revised by Ben Nathan and Thomas Jockin. It is currently features on over 2,400,000 websites.

33. Nickainley

Free fonts Wolf

Nickainley is a free font based on vintage-style handwriting

Nickainley is one of our favourite free handwriting fonts. This Monoline script with a classic, vintage feel, includes uppercase and lowercase characters, as well as numerics and punctuation marks. Offering a variety of possible use cases, including logos, T-shirt designs, letterhead and signage, this free font was created by Indonesian agency Seniors Studio.

34. Shadows into Light

This free handwriting font has rounded edges and a clean feel

This free handwriting font has rounded edges and a clean feel

Shadows Into Light is the work of type designer Kimberly Geswein. Ideal for adding a personal touch to your projects, this free font features rounded edges and neat, clean characters. It's currently available in one style only, but has already proven extremely popular.

35. Pacifico

Free fonts Manteka

Pacifico is one of the most laid-back free fonts around

Pacifico is a fun brush script handwriting font inspired by 1950s American surf culture. This open source font was one of the great contributions to the free software community by the late designer Vernon Adams, who passed away last year.

36. Cute Punk

Free fonts Moderne Sans

Cute Punk is a free font based on handwriting, but with a twist

Cute Punk offers a vibrant, youthful and thoroughly modern take on the handwriting font. Infusing the style with a striking, almost geometric feel, this free font is the work of Flou, a designer and illustrator from Bratislava, Slovakia.

37. Futuracha

Free fonts Nevis

One of the oddest free fonts based on handwriting we’ve seen, Futuracha could work well in the right design

An idiosyncratic take on the handwriting font, Futuracha is inspired by John Baskerville’s classic typefaces, as well as Futura Book. Created by Holy, this free font family includes numerics, symbol fonts, and Greek and Latin characters. Designed as a display font, Futuracha could work well when used creatively in headlines, logos or typographical illustrations. 

38. Yellowtail

Free fonts Nexa: light and bold

Free font Yellowtail features a classic approach to handwritten, brush lettering

Yellowtail is an old-school, flat, brush font that evokes classic 1930s typefaces like Gillies Gothic and Kaufmann. Designed by typography institute Astigmatic, its mixture of connecting and non-connecting letterforms gives it a unique look and ensures good legibility. 

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