The best free fonts: 88 quality type options for creatives

The best free fonts: Vintage and retro fonts

57. Nimitz

Best free fonts: Sample of Nimitz

Nimitz is one of those effortlessly stylish free fonts that makes you give thanks to the internet (Image credit: Bart Wesolek)

Designed by Bart Wesolek, Nimitz is a simple yet original, all-capitals font that comes in three styles: rough, clean and textured. Beautifully readable and effortlessly stylish, this is one of the best free fonts for giving your design project a retro or vintage look. 

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58. Rousseau Deco

Best free fonts: Sample of Rousseau Deco

Rousseau Deco summons the spirit of Art Deco, but subtly (Image credit: Mariano Diez)

Looking to summon the spirit of Art Deco with your typography, but subtly? Rousseau Deco is one of the best free fonts for your purposes. Taking inspiration from that classic style and giving it a modern sans-serif twist, it was designed by Mariano Diez.

59. Lazer 84

Best free fonts: Sample of Lazer 84

Inject the 1980s into your projects with this fun font (Image credit: Juan Hodgson)

Here's one of those free fonts that defies categorisation: it's clearly retro, but it's a brush font too. However you describe it, though, we love its super-1980s vibe, and can imagine it used as the opening titles of a old-school sitcom. This font was created by Juan Hodgson.

60. Nature Sans

Best free fonts: Sample of Nature Sans

Vintage flourishes make this a fun retro font (Image credit: Alex Joganic)

Nature Spirit is a vintage font by Alex Joganic of 1871 Project. The retro styling recalls hippy communes and an adventurous spirit, making it well suited for a vintage project. There are two styles – rough and regular – depending on whether you like your lines straight or a little rough round the edges. 

61. Cheque

Best free fonts: Sample of Cheque

Cheque started life as a student project before graduating to a full font (Image credit: Fontfabric)

Based on geometric shapes and with a classic, vintage look, Cheque started off as a student project by Fontfabric's Mirela Belova, then grew into a full display font. At its best when used in headlines or compositions, it comes in Regular and Black versions that are free for both personal and commercial use.

62. LOT 

Best free fonts: Sample of LOT

LOT is one of the fattest, coolest, retro-est free fonts around (Image credit: Fontfabric)

Reminiscent of the stylised block lettering of 1970s and 1980s advertising, posters and magazine design, LOT nonetheless provides a sleek new take on a vintage style with its collection of fat, geometric letterforms. Designed by FontFabric, this free font would work well in posters, logos and headlines. 

63. Jocker

Best free fonts: Sample of Jocker

Jocker works great on vintage logos (Image credit: Craft Supply Co)

Jocker is a vintage font design with a fun, circus feel, and would be a great choice for posters, logo designs and packaging. The work of Craft Supply Co, this font was drawn from scratch and has since had more layers of detail added to it. 

64. Paralines 

Best free fonts: Sample of Paralines

Anyone who remembers TV titles of the 1970s and '80s will recognise the style of this retro-futuristic free font (Image credit: Lewis Latham)

Featuring idiosyncratic use of parallel lines, Paralines takes inspiration from both decades-old design and modern-day typography. Designed by Lewis Latham, this free font would suit any project aiming to evoke the graphic design of the 1970s and early 1980s. 

65. Hamurz

Best free fonts: Sample of Hamurz

Free font Hamurz offers a hipster take on retro styles (Image credit: Bagus Budiyanto)

Hamurz is a hipster-style retro typeface with rough edges and rounded shapes. Created by Bagus Budiyanto, it offers a multitude of potential uses, such as logos, headings, or designs for T-shirts, badges or letterpress printing.

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