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78 best free fonts for designers

The best free fonts: Brush fonts

55. Festival

Festival free font

Festival adds a summery feel to your designs

If you're gearing up for festival season and want a font that reflects your mood, why not try Festival? This hand-drawn brush font by Pixel Surplus adds a summery feel to your designs and features multi-lingual characters. You could even use it to create a sign to hold up at your next summer gig. 

56. Leafy

Best free fonts: Leafy

Leafy features 95 hand-crafted characters

Featuring 95 unique, hand-crafted characters, Leafy is an all-caps brush font drawn by Ieva Mezule and assembled by Krisjanis Mezulis of Latvian agency, Wild Ones Design. Perfect for any design that could use a personal, handmade feel, it's free for both personal and commercial use.

57. Playlist

Best free fonts: Playlist

Free brush font Playlist is great for illustrated designs and merchandise

Playlist is a hand-drawn font with dry brush styles that comes in three varieties: Script, Caps, and Ornament. Ideal for illustrated designs, including posters, T-shirts and other merchandise, this is one of our favourites. For more, see our list of free brush fonts

58. Sophia

Best free fonts: Sophie

Free font Sophie offers a decorative take on brush script handwriting

Sophie is light, friendly and slightly off-kilter, in a fun way. Described as “a hand-lettered brush script with a sweet decorative bonus", the family includes multilingual glyphs, as well as left and right stylistic letter combinations. This free font was designed by Mats-Peter Forss and Emily Spadoni, of Finland and the USA respectively.

59. Reckless

Best free fonts: Reckless

Free font Reckless has an upbeat feel

Reckless is a handwritten brush font that includes uppercase and extended Latin characters. As shown above, it would work well with a watercolour-effect design, either in print or on the web. It was created by Russian designer Nadi Spasibenko.

  • Free for personal and commercial use (pay with a tweet)

60. Kust

Best free fonts: Kust

Brush fonts don’t have to be twee, as free font Kust shows

Kust is a handwritten, all-caps font with a distorted, slightly corrupted look. This free font was based on letters drawn on hard paper, with a thick brush using pure black ink, by fashion designer and artist Leva Mezule. It comes courtesy of Wildtype Design, a studio based in Latvia. 

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