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82 best free fonts for designers

The best free fonts: Tattoo fonts

67. Rose Tattoo

Best free fonts: Sample of Rose Tattoo

Go all out with Rose Tattoo (Image credit: Billy Argel)

Okay, so this one's a little OTT, but what's the point of having a tattoo font if it's not gonna stand out? This font was created by Billy Argel and is free for personal use, meaning you are free to ink it all over your body. Just make sure your design is quite big: we can't see this one being legible at small sizes.

68. Betty

Best free fonts: Sample of Betty

Free font Betty is inspired by old-school tattoo art (Image credit: Anastasia Dimitriadi)

None of your hipster stars or tribal tattoos here. Betty is one of those free tattoo fonts that reaches back into the past to a bygone age, when every 'real man' had a sailor’s anchor and ‘I heart Mum’ inked on his bicep. This free font is the work of Anastasia Dimitriadi.

69. Angilla

Best free fonts: Sample of Angilla

Angilla is one of the best free fonts we’ve seen in the tattoo script style (Image credit: Måns Grebäck)

This tattoo script font channels the spirit of calligraphy to create something extremely fresh and stylish. This free font is the work of Måns Grebäck.

70. Serval

Best free fonts: Sample of Serval

Free font Serval offers a scratchy style for tattoo lettering (Image credit: Maelle.K and Thomas Boucherie)

Another calligraphic font that’s perfect for tattoo stylings, Serval is a wiry, scratchy beast of a design. This free font is the inspired work of Maelle.K and Thomas Boucherie.

71. MOM

Best free fonts: Sample of MOM

MOM is a font inspired by the old school tattoo lettering of the American tradition (Image credit: Rafa Miguel)

MOM is a font inspired by the old-school tattoo lettering of the American tradition, and a tribute to the great tattoo artists of the past. This free font is the creation of Rafa Miguel.

72. Original Gangsta

Best free fonts: Sample of Original Gangsta

Original Gangsta is a free font with uncompromising style (Image credit: Gilang Purnama Jaya)

Want a tattoo font that shows no mercy? Original Gangsta is a hard-edged script font that’s both stylish and uncompromising. This free font was created by Gilang Purnama Jaya.

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