The astonishing 'pencil paintings' of Federico Uribe

It's always a pleasure to witness creatives using unconventional materials to craft their work. Everyday items are becoming increasingly popular materials to use for new work and artist Federico Uribe has taken full advantage of the humble penicl.

Even the canvas is made out of pencils!

A conceptual artist based in Miami, his work is nothing short of stunning. Born in Bogota, Colombia in 1962, Feberico's brooding canvases are influenced by his dark reflections on the Catholic sense of pain, guilt and sexuality.

He studied art at the University of Los Andes in Bogota and in 1988 left for New York to study a master-of-fine-arts degree under the supervision of Luis Camnitzer. It was the beginning of a journey that included years of studies and work in Cuba, Mexico, Russia, England and finally Miami.

The detail is incredible considering what these artworks are created from

To see more of Federico's stunning pencil work and more, you can head to his gallery. Be sure to check out the pencil sculptures too!

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