30 graphic designers to follow on Behance

11. Juri Zaech

Graphic designers on Behance: Zaech

Juri Zaech specialises in typographic projects

Juri Zaech is a Swiss art director, currently living and working in Paris, France. Whilst he works in advertising, he still makes time to complete little side projects. Specialising in typography, Zaech creates inspiring and innovative font focused projects that always please.

12. Jessica Walsh

top graphic designers: Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh was part of the team behind this NY Times Magazine cover

Jessica Walsh is pretty well-known among the graphic design community; you'll probably know her best as one half of Sagmeister & Walsh.

Based in New York, Jessica's clients include The Gap, Pepsi, Capitol Records and the NY Times Magazine. Moreover, she was previously named Computer Arts' Top Rising Star in Design - an accolade that proved true! 

13. Rizon Parein

top graphic designers: Rizon Parein

Rizon Parein started his graphic design career in graffiti

Back in the early nineties, Rizon Parein started off as a graffiti writer with a strong passion for 3D letter styles. When leaving school at the age of 17, he started working with graphic design.

The past few years he has worked more and more with photographers; integrating models into 3D architectural and graphical sceneries.

14. Rob Pratt

top graphic designers: Rob Pratt

Rob Pratt's portfolio includes work as the creative director of Jungle Creative

London-based graphic designer Rob Pratt is currently working as design director for Brand & Deliver, based in Shoreditch, London, whose clients include Samsung, Three, Playboy and IMG.

In 2016 Rob won gold for AMD Radeon at the Marcom Awards, and silver at the Transform Awards for his work on branding with Pariti Finance. His portfolio is a brilliant mixture of letterpress business cards, web design and leaflets and brochures.

15. Joshua Davis

top graphic designers: Joshua Davis

Joshua has received over 1,000 views for this particular piece

With over 37,000 followers and over 85,000 project views, Joshua Davis's graphic design portfolio is well worth a look. Based in New York, Joshua is an artist, graphic designer, and technologist producing both public and private work for companies, collectors, and institutions. Since 1995, he's been using technology and computers as a medium to create projects.

16. Andreea Niculae

top graphic designers: Andreea Niculae

Andreea Niculae designed the cover for Tru Fonix Swear Down EP

Andreea Niculae is a Senior Digital Designer for Johnsons Cars, as well as a freelance web designer and illustrator. She is based in Worcester, England. 

Her Behance profile demonstrates the scope of her talent, including the above design for Tru Fonix EP Swear Down and a series of posters depicting important scenes from iconic movies including Trainspotting. 

17. Josip Kelava

top graphic designers: Josip Kelava

Will Josip Kelava's portfolio create an emotional response in you?

The last thing Josip Kelava's university tutor told him was that "The worst thing a designer can do is not get noticed.” From those words, he understood that it wasn't about making something look good, but creating an emotional response that meant more than just a pretty picture. Take a look at his portfolio and you'll see how he conveys this in his branding work. 

18. Dan Mountford

top graphic designers: Dan Mountford

Dan's Behance page has gained over 1 million views

Although graphic designer Dan Mountford currently only has three project folders to feast your eyes on, they are absolute stunners. His Double Exposure Portraits folder holds a series of photographs demonstrating the technique of superimposing two or more exposures to create a single image. 

Dan is based in Brighton, England, and has worked with the likes of The Economist, Urban Outfitters and New Scientist Magazine.

19. Petros Afshar

top graphic designers: Petros Afshar

Petros Afshar has an impresive client list

Petros Afshar is a freelance graphic designer based in England's capital. He is a man of many talents, specialising in graphic design, typography, print making, logo design and illustrations.

He already has an impressive client list, which includes Nickelodeon, Microsoft, Google, BBC, Hugo Boss, Nike, Puma, Adidas, Disney and Red Bull. 

20. Yurko Gutsulyak

top graphic designers: Yurko Gutsulyak

Fairy Milk is a well-known and successful dairy products line in the Ukraine

Yurko Gutsulyak has been working in the graphic design industry since 2005. Due to the success of his projects, he founded his own graphic design studio in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Now in it's second decade, the studio is regularly commissioned by companies to develop their brand identity, including logo, packaging and even their name.

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