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America's states recreated in sand and salt

kyle bean states

Kyle's depiction of Florida as the most innovative state

We love Kyle Bean here at Creative Bloq. Known for his truly unique and impressive creations, we are always excited to see his new projects. Most recently, he was commissioned by Fast Company to illustrate innovation in different American states.

The opening image had to get across the idea that Florida is the most innovative, so Kyle crafted this striking light bulb terranium. Kyle strives to create objects that ensure a double-take and he's certainly managed that here. "I have always been the kind of person who takes things apart and makes things and so my work now often feels like an extension of my childhood interests" he explains.

Editorial approach

Kyle's work is often featured editorially, so he has a consise method for approaching such work. He says, "Firstly, I create two lists. After reading through an article I make a note of both the 'form or thing' that I could make whilst simultaneously thinking of an appropriate material I could use to convey the right message".

To create the lightbulb piece, Kyle made a hole in the cap of the bulb and used fine tweezers to position everything inside it before it was photographed. The other two images representing Alaska and South Dakota are models that were made into the shape of the States; photographer Mitch Payne then captured the images.

kyle bean states

kyle bean states

See more of Kyle's work over on his portfolio.

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