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Star Wars-inspired portraits put a new spin on geometric patterns

AWAKE portrait series

Matt Booth puts a new spin on geometric patterns

Since the release of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer and poster, the world has gone Star Wars crazy – and that includes designers. However, Matt Booth has managed to produce a series of risograph prints that portray beloved characters in an entirely new light.

"This new AWAKE series is part of an on-going project, where patterns and colours of varying complexity/simplicity are used to create new portraits," he begins." The process involves matching the pixel colour data of an image to a predefined repeating pattern and colour range.

"The complexity of the resulting image is determined by the detail of the pattern and amount of colours specified." The formula seems to have worked, with each portrait showcasing a beautifully original pattern. You can get your hands on each print over on Booth's shop.

AWAKE portrait series

Can you spot the Star Wars character beneath the pattern?

AWAKE portrait series

Each print is available for purchase over on Booth's store

AWAKE portrait series

We're sure they're going to be a hit with Star Wars fans

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