How to create cartoon characters in Cinema 4D

With the advent of mobile games and indie video games, there's been a big influx of illustrators and animators getting into 3D art. This has created a trend of cel shaded objects in 3D space, bringing a whole new aesthetic, depth and dimension to 2D-style art. Thanks to this trend, a feature in Cinema 4D that has existed for years is now seeing a resurgence.

Using Cinema 4D's powerful Sketch and Toon module, you can transform your 3D artwork into a cartoon-like illustration with just a few clicks of a button. The flexibility of the Sketch and Toon module lets you experiment with different 2D cel shading styles and have it react to lights in your scene.

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EJ Hassenfratz is an Emmy Award-winning freelance 3D designer and tutorial artist based out of Denver, Colorado. Over his career he has worked with numerous big-name brands including Apple, Microsoft, and Comcast. He also runs a company dedicated to helping people master Cinema 4D.