Create game-ready textures using Substance Painter

This past year has been a game-changer for the video games industry and for us artists lucky enough to earn a living from making games. The emergence of physically based rendering (PBR) has changed the way we create textures and materials for game engines, and with it, software has emerged that you need to master. 

In particular, Substance Painter has become a standard in the industry; it's a terrific software that is a part of the Substance Designer suite. In this tutorial we'll learn the core skills needed to create real-time, game-ready textures in Painter.

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Try first month for just £1 / $1 / €1 Sébastien Giroux is a senior character artist at Activision Quebec, currently working on the Call of Duty franchise. He has been working in the video game art industry for almost a decade, working for studios like Ubisoft Montreal on many of its IPs.