Get more from ArtRage 6: Top tips to boost your workflow

Artrage tutorial
(Image credit: Steve Goad)

In this article I’ll be providing advice and insights on ArtRage, a program I use quite a bit. I started painting with ArtRage when it was first released back in 2004, and it remains a primary tool in my workflow. It’s great to see the advancements made in its custom brush engine, which is pretty much all I use in most of my work. I’ll be going over some important areas during the painting process and revealing tips on specific tools that I feel might be beneficial.

My goal is to not only showcase the power of ArtRage, but to prove that you don’t have to spend a fortune on certain tools to create professional art. If you’re familiar with ArtRage but have yet to try the latest version (6), some of the new features include now being able to adjust paint depth and lighting to custom brushes. Smoothing has been added to the pencil, there’s improved smoothing for the ink pen and you can create deeper impasto effects and adjustable gloss for the oil brush. (See our piece for how to get started in ArtRage for a beginner's guide.)

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Steve paints using traditional and digital media to capture life and the imagination. He’s worked as a concept artist, art director and game card illustrator.