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How to stop your glasses fogging up when wearing a face mask

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If your glasses keep fogging up when you're wearing a face mask, you're not alone. This problem is affecting many of us as wearing face masks becomes more commonplace around the world. This annoying issue can also become quite dangerous depending on what you're doing while wearing your face mask.

The good news is you don't have to live in fog. Understanding why your face mask is fogging up and taking a few simple steps can help alleviate this problem.

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Why do my glasses keep fogging when wearing a face mask?

The reason your glasses are fogging up is because when you breathe, the warm air is escaping your mask and then coming into contact with the cool surface of your glasses, where it turns into condensation. To stop this happening, you can make changes to your glasses, your face mask or both. 

Read on to discover five ways to stop your glasses fogging up when wearing a face mask, and one last resort when all else fails.

01. Check the fitting of your face mask

If your glasses are fogging up, it might be because your face mask doesn't fit you properly. Check that your face mask is nice and snug. You might need to tighten the ties a little. Ideally, you want you breath to stay within your face mask rather than escaping it and causing condensation. 

One common problem is your face mask sitting too loosely around the nose. The easiest way to fix this is to wear a face mask with some wiring around the nose. If you are making your own mask (see our how to make a face mask guide) then you can add some wire into your design. If you are wearing a shop-bought mask, you can always add in your own wire. Get some jewellery wire or some twist ties and place them along the top edge of your face mask. Then fold it down and sew to encase the wire within your mask. You can sew either by hand or use a machine.

Alternatively, you can buy a face mask with wire already in it. See our full list of where to buy face masks, or check out the deal below, which is recommended for glasses wearers. 

02. Wash your glasses

Washing your glasses may help stop them fogging. Wash them with soap and water and then dry with a micro-fibre cloth, the kind that usually comes with your glasses. The idea behind this is that the droplets will form a film that will stop fogging. Some have also suggested washing your glasses with shaving foam, and then wiping it off to leave a film, but we haven't built up the courage to try this method yet.

03. Use tape

It might not sound that comfortable, but another option to stop fogging is to use tape to secure your mask to your face. You can buy medical tape for this purpose – don't just use regular sellotape, and definitely not duct tape, or you risk damaging your skin when you take it off.

04. Wear your glasses over your mask

Depending on your mask and your glasses, you may just be able to pull your mask up and adjust your glasses so they are sitting over your mask. Your glasses should help secure your mask so your breath won't be able to escape and cause that pesky fogging. 

05. Adjust your glasses

This may seem counterintuitive, but if you push your glasses further down your nose, you'll allow more air to circulate, which could stop the fogging problem. 

06. Wear contacts

Okay, this is a last resort. But if all else fails, maybe it's time to start experimenting with contact lenses. 

You might also want to consider buying a different mask. Below are some ideas of the best face masks for glasses wearers.

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