How to perfect hair in your portraits

Today we will be creating eyebrows to ensure your portraits look more realistic. Just like hair and eyelashes, eyebrows are often neglected in tutorials about creating the human body in 3D art, but unrealistic-looking eyebrows can really make the difference between a believable and an unbelievable 3D model.  

First, we will take our model into ZBrush and mask the areas we need to use as our scalp or hair emitter. ZBrush is great for doing this since we can basically paint in 3D on our high resolution model in order to make it look exactly the way we want it. Then, we will perform quick actions such as generating UVs and retopologising automatically to get clean and fast results. 

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Fábio has been working in the CG industry for five years and currently works for Naughty Dog.