Creepy 2D characters encourage people to 'Kill the Habit'

Minneapolis-based visual effects and animation studio Make recently created these two clever spots for's latest campaign 'Kill the Habit'. Instead of using the usual stomach-churning, 'decaying lungs' images to encourage people to stop smoking, Make took a different approach, utilising animated 2D characters as a metaphor for the issue.

As a giant primate climbs all over smoker Eric with a gun to his head, his councillor comments: "What would you say if I told you this monkey could kill you very soon?". In a second spot, an equally irritating creature clings to smoker Lexi while explaining she's sure she can get rid of it by going 'cold turkey'. Cue a big, blue bird landing on her lap.

Mixed mediums

The Make team integrated 2D, 3D and live action elements to bring these spots for together

The integration of 2D characters into the live action footage is simply brilliant, with the team paying meticulous attention to detail. A perfect example is when Eric's forehead wrinkles as the monkey's teeth wrap around his head. The effects were achieved using a green screen, with other people replicating the creature's movements on each actor.

Check out the second spot, featuring 24-year-old Lexi James attempting to go 'cold turkey'...

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