DESIGN SPRING: 5 brand new illustrations

Every Friday we're giving you a taste of what our FREE iPad app, Design Spring, has to offer. Here are just five of the imaginative illustrations we're adding to the app every day to provide you with a daily dose of design inspiration!

It's not just about illustration either - you'll also find graphic design work, typography, 3D work, and more on our free app, which offers zoom functionality and a search facility so you can find what you're looking for quickly and easily.

We now have a dedicated Design Spring Pinterest page where we stash images that we think might fit nicely in the app. Take a look at it, and if you fancy adding images yourself then drop Jim McCauley a line with your details.

Whether you're a designer wanting to showcase work, an art director trying to find someone to commission, or you just like looking at fabulous imagery, Design Spring will have something for you. So come on, download it today!

Levi Strauss

Popsicle guy by Levi Strauss

Levi Strauss is a graphic designer based in Mexico. A lover of all things design, Strauss' skills extend to illustration, digital art and character design in particular. He currently works as a freelance artist in his hometown of Distrito Federal, Mexico.

Archan Nair

Azalia by Archan Nair

Archan Nair is a self taught visual artist, illustrator and art director, specialising in mixed media, illustration, and digital art. A freelance artist, Nair has collaborated with various companies and individuals around the world such as Canon, Nike, Tiger Beer, and Sony.


Yorokobu Calendar 2013 by Velckro

Marcos Figueiredo aka Velckro is a freelance graphic designer and art director based in Madrid. His distinctive style has attracted the attention of and seen him work with many leading brands and publications, including Red Bull, Nike, Vodafone, Computer Arts, and It's Nice That.

Yonathan Tanu

Liquid Typography by Yonathan Tanu

Spanish art director Yonathan Tanu specialises in illustration and advertising. Based in Madrid, Tanu's talent for illustration has seen him work on advertising campaigns for leading brands, including Kelloggs and Jeep.

Juliano Vieira

Danger by Julian Vieira

Julian Vieira is a designer and illustrator from Sao Paulo. Dedicated to developing his skills, Vierira has an awe-inspiring portoflio full of dynamic and creative artwork. He is also a member of Intrinsic Nature, an online art group consisting of a select community of creative minds from around the world.

If you'd like to see your work featured on Design Spring, please email Jim McCauley or upload your images to our Pinterest page.