The illustrated maps of Abi Daker

Abi Daker is a freelance illustrator who works from a studio in Paphos, Cyprus. She specialises in creating unique, hand rendered artwork for a variety of clients. We love her attention to detail and strong drawing technique, meaning that her style is perfect for creating illustrated maps, panoramic cityscapes and perspective drawings.

Check out the gorgeous illustrated animals on this one!

Having already worked with The New York Times, Red Bull, Edge Architecture and Sony her previous commissions have included large scale graphics for vinyl wall applications, window displays and a series of wine labels and a variety of editorial and literary projects.

We love the traditional style for this illustrated map

Abi experiments with using plenty of colour as well as monochrome schemes. The illustrated maps that she's created include drawings of Tokyo, Manhattan, Moscow and London. You can see the entire illustrated series on the illustrated maps creative blog.

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