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7 wild examples of lip art

Lip art 1

Incredibly intricate lip art from make up artist and photographer Eva Senín Pernas

We're always excited to see new, original work here at the Creative Bloq office. So we couldn't not cover this unique and beautifully detailed lip art by makeup artist Eva Senín Pernas.

Based in Spain, Pernas' creative career began with her studying interior architecture at university, before moving into photography and then, last year, her dream of becoming a makeup artist came true. But, instead of using one of the millions of shades of conventional lipstick colours to decorate her clients, Pernas likes to be a little more creative, developing this brilliant series of fashion lips.

The talented artist has now built up an impressive portfolio of lip art depicting fruit, video games, Disney, and blockbuster movies, plus various other themes. Pucker up!

Lip art 2

Lip art 3

Lip art 4

Lip art 5

Lip art 6

Lip art 7

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What do you think of these pieces of lip art? Which design is your favourite? Let us know in the comments box below!