Sharpie-powered doodle art celebrates movie classics

We're big fans of doodle art and movies here at Creative Bloq, so we we're thrilled to find this series of movie doodle art by US-based artist Chris Glasz.

Owner of Tumblr blog In Doodle Format, Glasz has chosen a number of popular films and illustrated them as creative doodles. Often using just a simple black Sharpie, so far, the talented artist has celebrated 11 well-loved films, including Back to the Future, Inception, Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

We're a little in love with these illustrations, which are far more original than most of the fan art we see. It's also hard not to be a little in awe of this guy's talent with a Sharpie.

Glasz has chosen, and illustrated beautifully, each film's most recognisable assets, leaving audiences in no doubt as to which each pays homage to. He's definitely one we'll be keeping our eyes on, mainly as we're desperate to see what film he chooses to doodle next (The Goonies or Iron Man please?).

The Hunger Games

Back to the Future


Alice in Wonderland

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