Introducing four new stars of illustration

It's an exciting time for illustration. Varoom editor John O'Reilly previously discussed this year's biggest emerging illustration trends – here, he highlights four young illustrators who are at the forefront of a new frontier of creativity…

01. Tom Haugomat

Illustration for a recent issue of The New Republic, ‘Dirty Diplomacy’ – focusing on the UN lounge bar

Tom Haugomat's work immediately makes you think about perspective. There's a cinematic eye, an epic sweep, in the same way that a camera pans out in a movie and you're taken out of the immediate narrative space.

Modus Magazine August 2014 illustration for an article about financial corruption

While many illustrators are increasingly playing with animation, it turns out that Haugomat was originally an animator turned illustrator.

One of a stunning series of illustrations for the Parisian shop, Printemps

His still images feel like gorgeously executed storyboards – the very simple colour palette and graphic geometry are dramatised by the eye of someone who was an animator, is an illustrator, but somewhere in his soul there's a film director sitting in a chair with 'Haugomat' on the back.

02. Kanitta Meechubot

A Garden of Pleasure – the imaginary scene of Eden Garden mixed with the Thai Himavanta Forest

The magic of Meechubot's work is in the layered detail of her collaged storytelling. She graduated from Central Saint Martins with an MA in 2011, and I first saw her work in Granta magazine.

Painting and die-cut for Cicada books, Atlas of the Human Body (2014)

It was the Medicine issue and it had a photograph of a paper-cut collage of a heart, but inside the heart were many rich layers of storytelling.

Close up on a section of A Garden of Pleasure

Meechubot brings a unique tone of voice to narrative, such as the contrast in her graduate show work between the loving, delicate beauty of the collage and the story it told – her grandmother's battle with cancer. Her work makes you believe in the transformative power of creativity.

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