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The pop video that's painted on glass

When French visual artist Carine Khalifé moved to Montreal, she was approached by Stephen Ramsay and Catherine McCandless, members of Canadian pop band Young Galaxy, to make a video for them.

Khalifé explains on her website: "They sent me their songs, and I immediately had a crush on Blown Minded. When I first heard the song, I was hit by the wonderful texture of it, and so my inital task was to choose imagery that would be rich enough to suggest the depth of the song. It was obvious to me that paint would be the key."

Using the technique of painting on a piece of glass fixed to a light box, Khalifé opted to use oils so it wouldn't dry and would allow her to experiment with it for hours. A camera, fixed overhead and connected to her PC, captured her paintings frame and frame to create the final animation.

When developing the illustrations, Khalifé drew inspiration not only from the track but from her new surroundings. "The finished film is as much inspired by the song, as the place I was in while making it. When I began this project, I'd just moved to Montreal. I think these two inspirations connected pretty well to create this atmosphere."

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