The disorienting polyhedral panoramas of Rorik Smith

The drawing of Ceredigion Library is calculated to convey a sense of uncertainty in the viewer

We're big fans of the mindbending art of MC Escher at Creative Bloq, so we were fascinated by these illustrations by Rorik Smith, an artist and draughtsman based in North Wales.​

These "polyhedral panoramas" are purposely designed to bend the viewers' sense of perspective in disturbing ways.

An "octahedral panorama" drawn on location at the Ceredigion County Archives

Our advice: take a good look at them - but don't look at them too long (especially if you're less than sober).

To create this drawing, picture wire was attached to each vanishing point, allowing rapid projection by intersection upon multiple axes

Dizzy spells aside, we reckon this artist is definitely one to watch. Check out more of Smith's illustrations on his website.