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Perfect your pin-up art with ImagineFX

pin up issue 123

We celebrate the art of pin-ups, with both the ladies on the posters and the women behind the art taking centre stage in this month's ImagineFX.

If you have a persuasion for retro glamour — and let's be honest, who doesn't? — you can learn how to capture your perfect pin-up, add a touch of class with inspiration taken from our legend, Zoë Mozert, or take a cue from Serge Birault and use lighting and textures to create your own unique style.

Take a look at this preview of the new issue:

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master the pin up retro style

Master the pin-up retro glamour and learn how to paint our cover girl with Cris Delara's step-by-step masterclass.

if boys are more your thing

If a muscle-bound hunk is more your thing, check out LoopyDave's beefcake, also featuring on our free poster!

women in art

We delve into the real issues when it comes to female-centric art and discuss what it means to be an illustrator and a woman in the industry!

trad pin up

Last but by no means least, we channel Gil Elvgren and reveal the classic techniques of traditional pin-up art with Fiona Stephenson.

We also discover why Nathalie Rattner picked pin-ups over Disney and delve into the sketchbook of Waldemar Kazak.

If that's not enough we have five hours of pro video tuition and a giant poster to display your love of pin-up art for all to see!