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InDesign plugin aims to simplify digital advertising

The world of digital media is an evolving one, and one of the challenges is making digital tablet or mobile adverts that engage with readers, rather than just replicating the print experience. Now a new InDesign plugin has been launched aiming to help creatives do just that.

The plug-in, which has been tested across major digital platforms, including The Guardian and The Telegraph, enables designers to create interactive digital adverts, and distribute them to major publishers and platforms, from a single location.

AdBeetle enables ad designers to take their original print files and create interactive copies with them, for any tablet or mobile phone, regardless of size or platform. The ads are then exported as packaged HTML 5 files and can be sent to the publisher for inclusion in their magazine app.

Artwork can be reviewed by publishers or agencies and amended unlimited times within the AdBeetle workflow. The interactive adverts will run on any platform that supports HTML, including Adobe DPS, PixelMags, Tigerspike, Pugpig and Mag+.

Learn more at the AdBeetle website.

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